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EbonyTat, 2021.04.18 01:52

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Family Research

Megan Papp, 2020.09.18 07:14

Good day!
I apologise for typing this email in english, but I cannot speak Hungarian. I am currently researching information about my Hungarian ancestors and I have managed to find out that my grandfather was baptised in a Roman Catholic Church in Pestszenterzsébet, Budapest. 
I am currently trying to figure out the name of the church because I am looking to see if I can find the place where his parents were married, or any information on their marriage. I hope you can help me with this!
My grandfather is Laszlo Janos Pap, born 2 June 1936 and his parents were Mihaly Ferenc Papp and Etelka Julianna Bartos. Laszlo's wife is Maria Magdolna Banreti (Originally Banredi) I am looking for the marriage information possibly of Laszlo and his wife (who is from Tab) or for his parents.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Family Research

Family Research, 2020.09.20 16:25

Dear Megan,
I am going to consult with the responsible person if he could help in this matter.
Please contact us via our facebook page / messenger application or email.

Re: Re: Family Research

Family Research, 2020.10.02 17:36

Dear Megan,

Based on your request we have checked the newborns registry in our church.
Unfortunately its started in 1937 so no information about your grandfather.
We wish you good luck for further research.

Best Regards